【#AJ4 One of the most detailed color schemes! Would you buy this pair of thorn embroidery? 】

With the ultra-high design specifications, once exposed, it was mistaken for a pair of heavyweight co-branded thorn embroidery #AirJordan4 SE “#Sashiko”, which easily allowed many sneaker players to grow grass.

This year #Nike incorporates thorn embroidery into sneakers, once again adding freshness to the sneaker circle, and at the same time presenting the art treasures that have been passed down in Japan to the world.

And this pair of Air Jordan 4 SE "Sashiko" is more vividly embroidered with thorns. The entire upper has more than ten patterns, showing asymmetrical aesthetics and maximizing rich visual charm.

The large area of ​​indigo on the shoe body is embellished with white and red, and even the inside of the heel shoe is full of details. There is almost no identical part of the two feet. The layering is reflected in multiple dimensions through colors, patterns and fabrics.

Although there are many details, the upper foot effect should be very fancy, I don't know how everyone evaluates it?

This pair of Air Jordan 4 SE "Sashiko" should be officially released this fall, priced at $190 USD, we will continue to follow reports!

Air Jordan 4 SE “Sashiko”
Item No.: CW0898-400
Release Date: Fall 2020
Sale price: $190 USD

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