C2H4 x Dunk SB Low real thing is so handsome! Rock theme, are you tempted?

C2H4, a Los Angeles brand created by Chinese designer Chen Yixi, has now created a reputation in the world. As the principal and designer, Chen Yixi has not only good talent in fashion design, but also the design and reconstruction of sneakers.

In a C2H4 show in January 2019, there was a pair of special Nike Air Force 1 Mid specially designed for the runway show. The black and white high street style still has organic and perceptive details. At that time, it attracted many shoe players all over the world, but it did not bring it to the market.

Recently, she has shown her new design on instagram, a customized version of the Nike Dunk SB low. Choosing this pair of shoes should also see the popularity of this series.

According to her own disclosure, this pair of shoes is inspired by the next new series of C2H4. The whole pair of shoes is mainly black and white and grey with raw rubber outsoles. Although the overall color is not brilliant, but the details are absolutely amazing.

A lot of rock elements are added to the design, such as changing the Swoosh logo on the shoe to a guitar, the huge notes on the tongue, the metal zipper on the laces and the metal rivets around the heel. The appearance and workmanship are impeccable.

It's not clear whether this pair of customized works is likely to be sold to the public. If it is sold, will you pay for it?

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